…is an Italian association specialized in the management of European projects concerning mobility of the Erasmus + programme. It organizes professional formation activities for students and teachers/educators from all over Europe.

Cultura e Dintorni has been working for years together with partners involved in the management of formation programmes, with European partnerships and with public and private Apulian bodies, which host young people and educators from all over Europe.

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Cultura e Dintorni

Corso Messapia, 167 - 74015 Martina Franca (TA) - Italy

Tel. +39 080 523 4467 - Mobile: +39 355 135 9701


The aim of this course is to organize, through the use innovative teaching and learning techniques, a continuous professional formation for teachers in active employment, considered integral part of the teaching and learning improvement process. This path consists of an intensive course taught by specialists concerning a chosen topic, guided tours of the companies of the area and guided tours of the most important historic and cultural locations of Apulia.

Course duration: 10 hours.

The formative path

In this course, some work groups made up of teachers and educators will be formed, in order to experience new methods and techniques of teaching. In particular, favourable conditions will be created to test the cooperative learning with the opportunity to discuss, mutually oversee and activities monitoring.

The formative path activities include:

planning of the short-term activities using cooperative methods,
building-team creation,
team work and trial,
project work,
case analysis,
guided tour of an institute of the area and cultural tours.
Didactic and educational material provided.


Day 1

Arrival of the participants at Bari/Brindisi airport.

Transfer from the airport to Martina Franca (TA).

The staff will accompany the participants to the accommodation.

The association Cultura e Dintorni will give all the participants the necessary information material (maps, touristic handbooks, useful numbers, etc.).

Day 2


  • welcome meeting and beginning of the chosen course.


  • tour of the city of Martina Franca and historic centre.

Day 3


  • chosen course.


  • guided tour to a didactic Institute of the area concerning the examined sector.
    guided tour of the city of Alberobello, also known as “the city of trulli” (UNESCO heritage)

Day 4


  • chosen course.


  • free afternoon.

Day 5


  • chosen course.
  • guided tour of different companies of the area concerning the examined sector.


  • guided tour of an agricultural company: cheese factory in Martina Franca and demonstration of “how to make mozzarella”.

 Day 6

Transfer from Martina Franca to Bari/Brindisi airport organized by the association Cultura e Dintorni.

Departure from Bari/Brindisi airport.

Please note: The programme can be contextualized depending on he needs and the expectations of the didactic institute.